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Earn money with money to get real wealth


In today’s inflationary era, in a situation where consumer costs are rising year by year, it is almost impossible for working people to get rich by relying on a salary. By analyzing many people who are busy but still not rich, we can find that it is very hard to make money by people, and it is difficult to get rich. Moreover, those who earn wages by labor have no income without labor. Therefore, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, believes that most working-class people must first make their incomes more than expenditures before they have the opportunity to jump out of the “rat circle” and regain financial freedom. Therefore, as a poor busy family, no matter how you save, try to save 500 yuan and 1000 yuan every month. After long-term accumulation, you will be able to jump out of the “rat circle” and advance to the stage of making money with money.
The death salary must be alive, only by saving. In fact, as long as you abide by the “revenue-deposit=expenditure” rule, you will accumulate 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan per month, live storage, zero deposits, and then you can choose stocks, funds and other investment tools to start with Make money.
Note that unless you have a more in-depth study of the financial sector, it is better to adopt a more conservative and not greedy approach. We do not encourage to use our own hard money to buy experience, otherwise the shadow caused by failure will probably undermine your confidence in investment in the future.
For those who are busy with work, there are hundreds of investment types. If you don’t know what to buy and don’t have time to watch, the easiest way is to “stand on the shoulders of giants” and invest in entrepreneurs with conscience. High-quality enterprises will make your assets stable and value-added. For example, if you are a conservative and conservative investor, you may wish to buy some blue chip stocks, such as Angang Steel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, CITIC Securities, China Ping An, Vanke A, Poly Real Estate, Guizhou Maotai, ZTE, Baosteel and the like. Despite this, you still need to pay attention to the timing of the admission, do not intervene in the high position, otherwise it will inevitably be lost.
According to the 10th Annual World Wealth Report released by Merrill Lynch, the number of rich people with more than one million dollars worldwide has exceeded 8.71 million, and assets have increased by 8.51%, while millions of millionaires 10 years ago. The number is only 4.5 million. Today, 10 years later, even the number of super-rich people with more than $30 million in assets has increased by 10.21% to 855 million. The growth rate of the rich is not even in the world, and the growth rate is the highest in developing countries, with the Asia-Pacific region ranking first in the world and South Korea ranking first (up 21.3%). China and India are not far behind and are surpassing Japan. The increase in mainland China was 6.8%, and the growth rate in Europe was only 4.5%, while the North American region still has the world’s largest millionaires.
So, what do these rich people rely on to start? The answer may be very many, but the only one is the one, that is, financial management. A long time ago, the ancients had already understood the best way to get rich by making money: making money with money. This seemingly simple and normal principle has been extremely useful to this day.
To understand the way to make money by making money, first understand the concept of “funding.” The American oil king John Rockefeller once made a vivid metaphor for the funds: “Funds are like blood and human beings for businessmen, and poor blood circulation can easily lead to dysfunction of the human body. If the use of funds is not working, it will cause the mall to fail. How to maintain sufficient funds? And flexible use is something that every businessman must pay attention to.” This sentence not only shows the high-profit businessman of the super-rich, but also shows the profound truth that only the operation of the capital can be accelerated to create wealth.
The rich always put the money they earned into new projects and make money with money. The poor people always rely on their own hard work to make money. They like to store the money they earn, and the results are saved. Did not survive, and eventually spent out.
There is no doubt that saving is the first step in financial management. However, if you only know how to save money, but do not make other investments, it will often lead to the failure of financial management. The reason why the poor people prefer saving is largely because of its security. In a sense, bank savings are indeed safe. In particular, regular confidential deposits, even if you accidentally lose the passbook, others can not easily take away the money, individuals can still use the relevant certificates to report the loss. Moreover, a deposit, regardless of how the social and economic situation changes, its owner can get a corresponding income on time. However, from another perspective, bank deposits are not the safest way to preserve and increase the value of assets, and they are not the best choice for personal investment.
It is hard to predict how much wealth will ultimately be wealthy, but the only certainty is that it is hard to get rich if you want to get rich in the bank. Have you ever heard of someone who has become rich by bank deposits alone? Those who have all their savings in the bank will not be rich even when they are old, and they will not even be financially independent.

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