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How do we save our money


Step 1-make sure you have a frugal mentality

We can’t reduce debt until I turn my spending mentality into a savers. You see, most people who want to pay off their debts do so because it’s a burden. The problem is that many of them don’t know why they fell into debt first. If you can’t be sure about your debt problems and solve them, you’ll never be able to save them. Gee, you rarely get out of debt for a long time. This is how it works. This is all about the state of mind.

After paying off the last credit card, we are already in a savings mentality. We began to pay ourselves for all the money we gave to the bank. We deposited funds in our savings account to set up our contingency fund, but we went further. We have goals, and in order to achieve them, we need cash. I won’t turn around and fall back into debt, so we can have this or that. This is one of the important reasons I saved when I paid off my debts.

Step 2-understand your needs and requirements

I’ve written about demand and demand before, and it’s so important when you want to save money. Gee, this is very important for fund management. You need to understand the difference between demand and demand, otherwise it will damage your financial situation. If you don’t know the difference, please read this article and hope you will begin to understand yourself. Remember, most things are needed, not needed!

Step 3-put your money into your savings target

When you have the remaining funds from the regular budget each month, you need to remit them to your savings account to fund your goals. Most importantly, you should always set up a savings series in your budget because you have to save a sum of money every month. You must pay yourself before you pay someone else. Oh, I even use my savings as a monthly ticket.

Not everyone has it, but I make money on my blog, help people with WordPress, sell things on Craigslist, and even test websites. These are just some things I do, but I always try to learn new ways to increase income.

Once you learn how to make more money, you can save more. This is where we flourish and continue to flourish. Making more money allows you to fill out your savings account quickly to achieve all your money goals.

The key to this step is to make sure you don’t spend extra money on boring things. This will waste what you have done and backfire. If you have the urge to spend, deposit the money quickly in your savings.

Step 5-Don’t forget long-term savings

Although we keep most of our money in our savings account as cash, that doesn’t mean I left my retirement savings in the cold. It’s just not true. I think retirement savings are very important and everyone should do them. I have several accounts in different places, but most of my money is invested in Betterment or Vanguard. Each system provides me with different features I like.

Make sure you never forget your long-term savings goals. Retirement is the truth for all of us. That’s why you need to consider your retirement savings when you try to save money. The $183000 we save is not included in any retirement savings because it is something I do not touch and will not be planned until the time is right.

It is important to monitor your money flows, how good your goals are with your goals, and to see if you pay more than you expect. It wasn’t until I put all my debt on the whiteboard that I realized how bad we really were. Seeing it makes you believe it.

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