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Can we make money by turning off our TV?


I also have a TV set that suits my children very much, but I seldom watch it myself. Before I got married, I had an ancient school TV set that really spent most of its time decorating rather than turning on. But when I got married, my ex-husband insisted that we got the cable, which is what we do most of our leisure time. As soon as we separated, I turned off the cable and never went back.

How much time?

When I don’t listen to TV, I always feel more productive because I live my life outside. Don’t get me wrong, leisure activities can be a form of relaxation, but according to a study released earlier this year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spent a little time in front of the old tube. They say Americans work an average of 7.6 hours a day and watch TV / digital media 4.5 hours a day.

Make money, not

With all the time we spend watching TV and playing with mobile phones, we may make more money. I know, personally, when I’m in front of the TV, I feel like I’ve wasted my time and life because I can do more productive things, including socializing with friends or playing with my family. Saving money with my family alone can save money, not on cable bills every month, because we don’t have to spend money to enjoy each other’s companies.

So what else can we do about the valuable time we currently spend in front of digital devices and televisions? Rich! Of course, we still want a way to relax, and we can still make money through digital media.

Save money

These are the best ways to maximize time and make some money. However, if you want to change goods and sometimes save money, instead of staying on your device to make money, there are many ways to do this. The average cable bill in the United States is currently $99 a month, which is crazy in my book! Taking your money will cancel your wired savings, put it into a savings account (such as ally, MySavingsDirect or American Express) or add it to your IRA (such as monthly contribution improvement or Wealthfront), to assist your retirement target.

Once you decide which way you want to use your savings, celebrate your lifestyle changes with your friends or family and spend more in your pocket and bank. You don’t have to spend money to celebrate. Ask them to come over for a cup of coffee, catch up with or have a glass of wine. Play with the children outside, or take them for a walk to see what excitement you can find. Not everything costs money, and sometimes the most valuable experience is free.

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