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How to save money as a graduate


Saving money as a graduate student can be difficult. Most graduate students have limited income, whether through graduate assistant boats or student loans, especially if you work formally between college and graduate school, so it’s hard to cut to a minimum. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to make full use of what you have!

For graduate students and other frugal people, some of the ways to save money are the same. Some of the popular options include:

Share housing-if you have moved to graduate school in the area for only a few years and are not going to stay, this is a particularly good choice. You can live with other short-lived people, make friends and save a lot of money.

Buy very few clothes, and / or buy them at thrift stores. Many graduate students don’t need much professional clothing because they spend most of their time in libraries, laboratories and classrooms. I had only one suit when I was a graduate student, and I took it off a “free” shelf!

Cook your own food / make your own coffee

But there are other ways to save money that is unique to graduate students. Here are some of my favorite tips, with no particular order:

Employer Reimbursement

Depending on the school you attend, you can reimburse your tuition fees. For example, many part-time MBA students can take advantage of this privilege.

For those unfamiliar with employer tuition reimbursement, there is a tax law that allows employers to reimburse up to $5250 a year tax on their tuition fees per employee.

Although there are many full-time graduate students or students participating in the program employers are not willing to pay for their owners, but if you are provided with tuition reimbursement in a variety of ways, please make full use of it. If you can extend your reimbursement for six fiscal years, you will save more than $31000.

Student discount

An old man, but good! I’m a graduate student in New York. One year I’ve seen every program in the New York City Ballet because I can get a $12 ticket for students, which is cheaper than a movie.

You can get student discounts at art institutions, restaurants and even dry cleaners. Usually, in the community of your university, other types of enterprises issue discounts specifically for students at that university.

If the enterprise does not explicitly publish the content, please ask. You’ll never know.

Tourism fund

Your department or central graduate school management can provide travel funds for meetings and / or research. Talking to older students is often the best way to find a pool of hidden funds available on the basis of school advertisements. If you work closely with a professor (for example, as a research assistant), the person may have some professional development funds, and they can share them with you.

The travel fund is obvious, the reason is obvious: you need to go to the conference or research website anyway, so you can save your own money and save money! But they are also well suited for a cheap holiday. I did it many times: the college paid for my ticket, and I paid for my accommodation after the meeting, so I could spend a few more days looking at the area.

Use of university facilities

Your university may have:

Student health center

Free WiFi

Free or cheap printing

You can enjoy a steep discount at the gym

Movies, plays and / or music activities on campus

Even if you don’t have a university health insurance plan, you can still use the student health center to get very little funding. They will not be able to take emergency or specialist care, but you can take basic exams, female health care, and help with routine diseases such as flu, vaccines, etc.

You can also join the university gym. Sometimes it’s actually free for graduate students, but if not, it’s still much cheaper than any commercial fitness member. You need to be aware of limiting your ability to use certain facilities at certain times-for example, swimming pools are usually banned for a few hours a day.

Finally, think about what else you can do on campus. For example, I haven’t paid for the Internet in my apartment for a few years; I live so close that I can walk to the library every day. In fact, I work more efficiently at home and can’t surf! I take advantage of the cheap entertainment on campus, where there are often concerts, art exhibitions, plays and classic movies.

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